Monday, February 09, 2009


More construction happening on Alabama soon

Mr. G tips us off about this: ``A private contractor team came down Alabama Street (from Ripley to Precita) on Friday 1/30/09 and drilled holes in the street about every ~ 4-10 feet.``

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copyright 2009 precita.orgcopyright 2009

We did some further investigation and found that the hole drilling actually goes from the 100 block of Bernal Heights Blvd (near Bradford), heads north/downhill to Esmerelda towards Alabama, and all the way down Alabama to Precita, where they turn East and go down Precita to Bryant.

All along this way, there are also underground survey markings for all the underground water, gas and electrical services.

It is very similar to the path that the Bernal Hills Water Pipeline takes under Bernal Hill. This is the same pipeline that was replaced over the last 18 months, and terminated at Alabama and Ripley.

Alabama street is already a major "right of way" for other utilities. There are several fiber optic lines going down Alabama (ATT, Qwest, MFN, Level 3 and CCSF/City of San Francisco's fiber ring are all ones that have manhole covers up and down the street with their names on them). We're trying to track down more details on who what the project is, and how long it will be tearing up Alabama.

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